Knowing that part of the business plan at the NEW ENCINITAS Network is reading not all, but most of the Encinitas City Council agendas and Planning Commission Agendas and the altered Traffic Commission Agendas; along with not all, but most, of the local Comments made on Encinitas political articles in a variety of media; I’ve sensed a ‘theme’ in some letters and blog-postings that are bent on mis-describing Paul Gaspar, Candidate for the City of Encinitas’ Mayor, 2016.

Recently, I had to laugh at an anonymous comment that was made concerning the unexpected candidacy of Dr. Paul Gaspar.

The ‘Theme’ is, Paul Gaspar isn’t qualified to become the Encinitas Mayor. You know, the husband of the current Mayor of Encinitas that is moving-on-up to serve as our County Supervisor; was echoed by an anonymous poster on a news website: and the ‘poster’, who admitted not knowing Paul, was acting as what they call a ‘sock-puppet’ on the internet; they were literally ‘guessing’ and inferring that Paul had never served on a City Commission and, for that fact alone, his candidacy was not a sincere effort.

I laughed because it was obvious that whomever was writing this anonymous comment isn’t married.

What? Not married? Why? What has being married got to do with it?

Because after 30 years of marriage, I know first-hand that most-evenings as my wife and I are retiring, during the moments waiting for sleep to descend upon us, we quietly talk about my wife’s work and/or my own work and any challenges facing us the next day. I bet it is no different at the Gaspar home; I bet if asked, Paul Gaspar knows more about the City than most every layman/voter in the City of Encinitas. Again, why? Because he has 4 years of supporting his wife as a Councilmember and 2 years of supporting her as the City’s Mayor. I know every morning for 30 years my wife, Sarah: having thought about the challenges I spoke of the night before falling asleep, usually has one or two suggestions she hopes will ease the burdens that are on her husband’s mind before we both go our separate ways for the day: and I feel sure it is no different at the Gaspar home.

Had the ‘sock-puppet’ been married, he or she would know this about people.

I have a friend, a very successful business-person for decades in Encinitas, who had not yet met Paul Gaspar; who read some of the reactionary comments by fans of Mrs. Blakespear and Mrs. Blakespear, Paul’s opponent for the Mayor’s directly-elected seat in Encinitas: and my friend, faced with Kristin Gaspar being hopefully-elected to the County Supervisor’s position; questioned me about Paul’s resume, experience, history and motives. I smiled because quite often the only information a voter gets on a potential candidate is what they read on an unpleasant blog or in a letter to a local paper; sometimes these letters are actually motivated to disparage someone like Paul; they can question many things about his candidacy; for example,” Isn’t it odd that a husband would be following his wife into the Mayor’s Seat?” I answered, “Different perhaps, but not odd; for goodness sake, we have a former First Lady about to be elected to President and a former President about to become the First Man/Spouse; and down south 20 miles we have the Mayor of Chula Vista married to another County Supervisor; so it might not be the usual, but neither is it completely unheard of.” Most important is that Paul is not only VERY qualified; but he is kind.”

Or how about this one,” Isn’t this ‘opportunism’ on Paul Gaspar’s part?”

As defined in the dictionary, ‘opportunism’ is described as, “A conscious policy and practice of taking advantage of circumstances – with little regard for principles.” So, the answer is ‘NO’, because Paul Gaspar is running for this office because he HAS principles. Going back on your ‘Word’ to the public and your peers to stuff a Working Group with political cronies; that’s the kind of action that might be described as ‘opportunism’; or even ‘cronyism’.

Friends of Catherine Blakespear, Paul Gaspar’s sole opponent in this race, perhaps had unrealistic wishes for Mrs. Blakespear’s design to casually walk into the Mayor’s office without a competition when Encinitas Mayor Kristin Gaspar announced her candidacy for a Supervisor’s Seat; it appeared for several months that Mrs. Blakespear would have have a straight-line and uninterrupted path to the Encinitas Mayor’s Seat, meaning No-Opponent in the campaign for the Mayor’s Seat; but nature abhors a vacuum.

Many unkind things were said in the first-blush of angry surprise following Paul Gaspar’s announced candidacy; Paul’s opponent herself has claimed that Paul is not involved in local public service; yet in reality, his resume, filled with several degrees, Little League, team sports for his girls, Encinitas Rotary, Encinitas Chamber, not to mention the many pieces of legislation he helped pass in Sacramento, many of them to do with healing and health care; his resume speaks much louder of service than a law degree that is consistently being used from the dais to ignore and violate State law.

Paul’s opponent finished her angry remarks about Paul’s candidacy by stating something truly odd; she stated that there is a major difference between her temperament and Paul’s; and while this is true, any staff member or city-hall-watcher would tell you that it is Paul who is even-tempered and his opponent who is mercurial and tempestuous; it makes one wonder at her degree of self-knowledge to even approach this comparison between she and Paul. Perhaps she can refer back to the City’s video-library of City Council meetings to again, perhaps, gain some perspective as to how the public views her; and her candidacy?

‘Nobody knows Paul Gaspar’ is another misstatement on the blogs. First of all, he has a job and that job concerns the well-being of the thousands of patients that he has helped at all six of his Physical Therapy offices in North County over the last decade? After all, he is a professional healer and a good one. In fact, without getting out a measuring stick, anyone who knows Paul, Kristin and the kids, knows that Paul is honest, well-mannered, pleasant, generous and plenty knowledgeable about local events/city business and that he is running for the Mayor’s Seat for one reason; because he CARES about Encinitas, he cares about the residents and their children, he cares about our environment; and as he has watched and supported his wife while she has repeatedly tried to ‘do-the-right-thing’ in the face of many obstructions foisted upon her by her elected peers, peers that repeatedly participate in ‘serial’ meetings outside the purview of the public putting ‘the Fix’ in; he’s watched while the Council-Majority has routinely spent literally millions of dollars recklessly, leaving public-safety underfunded, watched while, repeatedly against highly-paid legal-advice, the Council-Majority has taken actions that have resulted in court-loss after court-loss and have added up to over a million dollars in losses, all lost through hubris, stubbornness and intemperance: and most-recently, Paul’s opponent for Mayor personally malformed a Working-Group, again in violation of the Open-Meetings Act and breaking her ‘word’ to peers and constituents, artificially creating an excuse for the Council-Majority to once again go against their ‘given’ word to the public, heedlessly abusing the trust of the voters again.

In fact; Paul is not only kind; he is preternaturally honest.

So, rather than read ‘reactionary’ letters to newspapers, or anonymous blogs that promote misinformation about Paul; why not contact Paul yourself and ask him to meet you, so you can find out for yourself?

You can contact Paul at Paul@GasparforMayor.com

Paul will be glad to hear from you.