Brian Wofford – Feelin’ good

One of the givens when considering a city’s soul is the appetite of those that live here.

Like 10,000 others in the 80’s, my Solana Beach native wife, Sarah, and I set down out roots along the cool greenbelts of Village Park; and working as a stringer for Kraft Rhoades News Service we located across the street from Park Dale Lane Elementary School, and it was at this literal crossroads that we met another local father and business owner who was sending his family to Park Dale Lane, Brian Wofford.

Brian Wofford

It was at an open forum by the teacher’s association for school board trustees that we met; in fact, Brian was there to let the parents and teachers get an up close of the only gentleman on the ballot. I left the meeting and was invited across the street to Marie Callender’s Restaurant with Brian. We both had a slice of pie and got to know each other, found we had daughters in the same class at Park Dale Lane, and that as Brian built his practice, I completed 2 years as the PTA president. As my journey continued on to run the chamber, publish 2 local newspapers evolving into a 21st century information brokerage informed by 23 years of direct political participation, becoming the New Encinitas Business Network, Brian’s practice, Wofford Chiropractic, has grown just as deep and vast. Wofford Chiropractic serves local, regional, national and international athletes and competitors in the city considered the center for 5k’s and marathons; and is rooted in a family that has grown strong out of tragedy and is a continuing success-story that both informs and entertains those who enjoy the support, knowledge and generosity of Brian’s calling in life.

The Wofford Family

So, over the next few issues of the Network’s E-BLAST, while we report on the City Council’s voting majority’s immediate decisions, please join me in recognizing the many good acts and great actions from our friend of 24 years.

Brian Wofford and the Scharbarth’s who own Villa Encinitas and Larry Thomas who manages Villa Encinitas, will host an amazing milestone locally; the 5th Anniversary of the NEW ENCINITAS Business Network. Dr. Wofford, the Scharbarth’s, Larry Thomas, CFI, the Craftsman American, Jorge’s, Headline’s The SALON, Swirl Fashion Boutique, Matt Lason, and many other friends doing business in Villa Encinitas will gather together to celebrate the beginning of our 6th year operating the only local business-support group NOT to take money from the City of Encinitas and/or San Diego County.