5th Anniversary of the New General Plan

New Improved General Plan Celebrates 5th Anniversary Tomorrow, August 19, 2014

What’s the Benefit To You?

Tuesday, August 19th, tomorrow, is the 5-Year Anniversary of the Encinitas City Council’s first formal attempt to fulfill and complete a ‘Report’ to the State required by a well-meaning ‘new’ 2007 Environmental legislative bills (AB32 and SB375) that were designed specifically to address ‘climate-change’ through reduction of our City’s carbon-footprint by asking cities to force-feed future housing locations adjacent to or on local traffic corridors at a zoning of 30 housing units per acre (R-30) with the express intention of REDUCING the carbon-footprint of the entire state of California by making round-rips to work, commuting: a shorter distance.

Plus, there is no nexus or mandate to build ANYTHING. Just a report: then its up to the council, not the state.

Pretty simple concept, right?

Maybe not? Five years ago, the Advance Planning Department, led by Ad Hoc Committee Chair Teresa Barth asked for a million dollars to create the Housing Element Report the State demands to see….’where’ any R-30 can possibly built in Encinitas to help save the environment as required loosely by AB32 and SB375. Planning saw an opportunity to take complete control of private property rights under the guise of climate-change. Who was watching…

Who was watching Advanced Planning? The New Encinitas Network.

Not the Chambers, not the MainStreets, not the town councils; for the first year only the Network protested the power grab and unfairness of the GPAC process: the other group listed above? For the most part, they signed off on flooding New Encinitas with affordable housing. Read the minutes.

Local Activists

The exact same locals that helped pressure state leaders to pass AB32 and SB375 balked when the ‘Plan’ came to implementation within Encinitas.

That’s right, “Do as I say, not as I do”, as far as the local environmental fringe was concerned: and while it might be because of ‘How’ the former Planning Director originally  (30 multi-family housing units per acre) attempted to fulfill the state mandate: locating most of future R-30 to New Encinitas: this environmental story has had more twists and turns than a Fast and Furious installment: the fact is, the 3rd Wave of this endeavor of the City of Encinitas to comply with State law is about to begin again.

What happened? How did a million plus dollars get wasted and 5 years go by?

Return To Yesteryear, 2009

The very politically active citizens of environmental focus, put pressure on Sacramento to show ‘leadership’ and pass an environmentally-friendly bill (or bills) that would withhold state and federal transportation monies that Cities need; and after the activists were successful in the State capitol producing a plan tying money to rewarding future social engineering of the local environs.

But, careful ‘what’ you wish for.

Cries of, “We meant this for every ‘other’ city, not Encinitas!” were heard throughout the beach town.

Strangers Decide Local Climate Action Plan

On the same night (5 years ago tomorrow) 8-19-09, the City Council paid $12K to join a group that provided the Agenda for the city in climate change, (not one Encinitas resident sat on the ad hoc committee that created the local climate action plan): the members of the Advanced Planning Department created a plan to force commercial-property owners to build affordable housing ‘atop’ the open air shopping centers throughout New Encinitas.

Why? He was afraid of the activists from Leucadia and Cardiff. New Encinitas never showed up at City Council hearing en masse: So, they focused the future growth there. Boy, was Advanced Planning surprised by what happened.

New Encinitas Gets 90% of Future Growth, Only 4% of the Votes on General Plan Committee in 2010

This was unfair to New Encinitas; which was allotted over 90% of the future R-30 (Out of 24 residents receiving City Council approved to sit on the General Plan/Housing Element Committee that approved the plan, only 1 was from New Encinitas).

Entire City Council Poisoned By Smart Growth Kool-Aid, Except One Council Member!

Only one elected-leader took the time to listen to the business owners that were alarmed at what became known as the ‘Ugly Baby’ Draft; and that was the brand newly-elected Kristin Gaspar, herself an New Encinitas business owner. If it hadn’t been for Kristin, the Smart Growth smart-growth kool-aid poisoned Advance Planners and the Chair of the Committee that chose Berkeley’s MIG Company as a ‘Consultant’ that supported the Planning Staff’s Plan to turn El Camino Real into a walk-able community, might have gotten away with it.

But, there’s More…

And, that same evening, in addition to the million dollars allotted to force-feed R-30 into New Encinitas and the $12,000 to join the ICLEI, an International group which took decision-making about local climate-change actions completely out of local hands and delivered them into regional ‘geek’ and ‘wonk’ conventions that set standards locally without a single elected representative in attendance.

The Council’s Traffic ‘Creating’ Trifecta

On top of both of those incredible actions detailed above: on 8-19-2009 the Mayor also led approval on a hundred and ten-thousand dollar allocation for a traffic ‘modeling’ study that was fast-forwarded, executed and delivered many months before the first ‘Draft’ was produced; incredibly ‘modeling’ Encinitas streets with a program of creating ‘gridlock’ during peak hours (7:00 am – 10:00 am, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm), the redesigning the synchronized coordination of traffic lights to make it more difficult to commute through Encinitas. This was clearly the goal of the Council that evening. Watch the video.

The 3rd Wave Begins

Finally, what has changed in the 5 years since the Council started the Housing Element process and ‘why’ there should be hope to stop violating state laws?

A new City Manager, who has chosen an almost completely new team of Department Heads: new leadership on the Council itself: newby Kristin Gaspar, truly the savior of New Encinitas from the Advanced Planning Staff’s plan for El Camino Real just recently was appointed Mayor until November 4th, 2014: and a 3rd Bite of the Apple; the 3rd attempt of recognizing state housing law and simply fulfilling the mandate of providing a map of Encinitas that would allow affordable housing on transportation corridors: and the irony of all of this, is that because the former Planning Director attempted to locate most of the future growth in New Encinitas, without truly informing the residents of New Encinitas: the City of Encinitas has established a ‘new’ way to participate as an Encinitas citizen and voter, that’ll allow you to render your opinion from home without endangering yourself by wading through regular gallery of city hall squatters.

We ask you, on this 5th Anniversary of the Council’s beginning to create a Housing Element Map because of state law to visit the new E TOWN website and register.

E Town on Tuesday!

Why? Because quite soon, the 3rd Wave of the Encinitas Housing Element will begin in your neighborhood; and showing up to shake your fists at city staffers will no longer suffice as citizen participation. If you want your voice heard, registering on E-Town Website and registering your opinion and/or views is necessary: Why?

Because the Encinitas City Council will be using the data from E-Town to weigh ‘where’ and ‘how’ future growth will be planned in Encinitas.

Celebrate tomorrow’s the 5th Anniversary TODAY by clicking on the link below and registering to vote on ‘how’ to fulfill the state housing law.



NOTE: While several city staffers responsible for the failure of the First and Second Waves of the Housing Elements have chosen retirement;  several architects of the ‘Ugly Baby’ Draft still remain on staff.

Nonetheless, two new leaders; Jeff Murphy from the County, has just celebrated a year anniversary as the new Director of Planning and Building of Encinitas: joined 6 months ago by Manjeet Ranu, hired to fill the new staff position of Deputy Director of Planning and Building, tasked with creating a new software application/system to allow management to follow different jobs, issues and aspects of the Planning Process at City Hall: Manjeet hails from both the private sector and public service in East County: AND a new Director of Public Works, Glenn Pruim who was hired away from C’Bad is overseeing storm-water issues, plastic bag banning, Styrofoam banning: all of which are council majority directed.

New ‘Guiding Principals’ have been created by these Departments and are being newly followed by the Planning and Building Staff. To read the department’s Mission, link here: …click here.

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles here.